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Keepin' it Country Interview

In anticipation of the release of Keepin’ It Country, which will include Men in the House, BWH Music Group interviewed me.  Read the interview at https://www.indiemusicinterviews.com/post/harrison-country and learn about the inspiration for the song, some of my influences and all kinds of other scintillating tidbits.

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Fantasy League Honored in Great American Song Contest!

Fantasy League has just been named as a Finalist in The Great American Song Contest.  I believe there were roughly 3,000 songs entered, and it finished in the ...

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Vehicles for Change!

We are proud to announce Vehicles for Change has partnered with Songs for Your Cause! ...

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Latest Glowing Review!

I’ve never thought of Harrison Country in terms of other historic family singing groups, but Please Pass the Indie sure did!  Check out the wonderful company we’re now keeping in their review of Climate Change. It’s ...

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Latest Harrison Country Interview


Check out Harrison Country's latest interview from Middle Tennessee Music!

Climate Change has also been placed on

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Indie Spoonful Interview

I’ve just done another interview about the album, this time on Indie Spoonful.  It’s a titillating tell-all – my grandparents’ strange predilections, my love affair with a well-known singer, Plato’s role on Climate ...

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Latest Harrison Country News

I’ve now done another interview, this time on Please Pass the Indie.  It touches on my dream gig, my favorite 3 songs, the inspiration for Climate Change ...

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