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Climate Change is now Signed, Sealed and Delivered!!!

Jul 18 | Posted by: Don Harrison |

Remember how you felt on Christmas Eve night when you were 8 years old? When you could barely sleep, listening for Santa Claus, pulling back the curtains every time you rolled over to see if there was a hint of daylight -- your signal that it was all safe to rush downstairs!

       Well, if every night has felt like that since we started teasing you in December of 2016 about the release of Climate Change, anticipate no more.  The dawn is here! 

      The CD is now available in whatever format your heart desires – physical or digital (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify).  Start your shopping experience here -- http://www.harrisoncountry.com/disco

      The album features the voices of Don Harrison, Amy Harrison, Jennie Harrison Young, Karen Harrison and Lexi White, backed by the superb musicianship of Bryan Ewald, Josh Chapman, Brandon Bartlett, Brad Kimes, Larry Byrne and Aidan Ewald.  It’s 12 original tunes that incorporate just about every American music tradition you can think of: Nashville, Memphis, Chicago, Laurel Canyon, Big Pink, the Mississippi Delta, Bourbon St. and Broadway. 

      One of the early critics described the title track as “Aretha Franklin meets the Beach Boys.”  Or as Forrest Gump might have put it, “This album is like a box chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” 

      We think that’s a good thing, but you can order your copy now and let us know if you agree!

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