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Ain't there a Man in the House?

Aug 7 | Posted by: Don Harrison |

A few years ago a Nashville critic had this to say about Men in the House: “it's just a little childish from the woman's perspective since you're basically calling all the men in the place boys.”  Obviously, she never met this “man.”  Trust me, no matter what you think you’re about to see, to paraphrase Ismael sighting Captain Ahab: reality will outrun apprehension. 

After you’ve watched the show for the first time, watch it again and look at the lifeguard’s expression.  What do you think she should add to the sign that says, “No dangerous horseplay, no running, no diving, no ?????????”

Best caption wins a Harrison Country ball cap!

Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/L9h14l3HmAA 

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